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Subject Newsletter Vol.10 (July 2014)
Name Administrator Date 2014-07-03 Hit 876
KORIL-RDF Newsletter June 2014 (Vol.10)
CE’s Message
Shalom! 안녕하십니까!

Time passes. It passes so fast that we find ourselves in the middle of June, a half way though the
year. During last months, as you might hear from media, Korea has been struck by a huge tragedy.
Since then, people in korea have been under deep sorrow.One cannot even imagine losing a loved one in such tragedy.
We all may remember painful lessons and must move forward in the right direction during another half.

KORIL-RDF is currently executing a technology transfer project between Korea and Israel. Synergy between Israel’s
creative fundamental technology and Korea’s outstanding capacity to commercialize those technologies will contribute
hugely to both countries’ economic development. Korea-Israel Industrial Collaboration Conference in July is an extension
of that effort. It will promote interaction and communication between Israel and Korea’s industrial associations and further
reinforce the partnership between two countries in the future.  For any questions and suggestions you may have, please
don’t hesitate to contact us.
Tae Hoon Choi, Ph.D
Chief Executive, the KORIL-RDF
News & Events
2nd Call for Proposal Submission 2014
KORIL-RDF’s new request for full-scale project proposals in the 2nd half of 2014 is now open, and the deadline for this
new submission round is 31 July 2014.

Interested companies are welcome to contact the respective KORIL Offices in either country.

Reminder – proposals for Feasibility Studies or Mini-scale Projects may be submitted at any time, no deadlines.
For more information, please check the website or contact our offices in Tel-Aviv, Israel and Seoul, Korea.
Contact Information:
Tel Aviv office : Ms. Deborah Schabes, Israel Manager
Tel : +972-3-511-8183
E-mail : dvora@matimop.org.il
Main Office (Seoul) : Ms. Ena Choi, Industry Analyst
Tel: +82-2-6009-8253
E-mail : ena@koril.org
Korea-Israel Industrial CollaborationConference (KIICC), (22-23 July, 2014, Seoul, Korea)
This event aims to reinforce R&D collaboration between Korea and Israel through KORIl-RDF. Business matchmaking in the past was mostly done by individual firms and KORIL-RDF’s business matchmaking program. To link the R&D collaboration between Israel and Korean companies into tangible results, KORIL-RDF would like to extend networking opportunities within similar industrial associations, industries, and technologies.
Also, asa novel technology collaboration, business model, KORIL-RDF will seamlessly seek for a best possible method to
create an optimum synergy effect between Israel’s fundamental technology and Korea’s great experiences in
anufacturing and commercialization.

Korea·Israel Industrial Collaboration Conference (KIICC) attendees will find this conference  very useful to integrate Israel’s
fundamental technology based on intellectual property rights and Korea’s business know-how. We look forward to
welcoming you in Seoul in July.

You can register here. If you need more information and/or have questions, please contact Mr. Steve Choi at KORIL’s main office in Seoul.
Israel Innovation Conference (MIXiii), (20-22 May, 2014, Tel Aviv, Israel)
KORIL-RDF and the Embassy of Israel in Korea co-organized a Korean delegation to Israel during Israel Innovation Conference (MIXiii 2014, 20 to 22 May). This delegation was designed to promote technology collaboration between Korean and Israeli industry in various technology sectors.

Korean participantsincluded companies from ICT, parts manufacturing, bio and medical device sectors, and public organizations. During the event, more than 40 one-on-one meetings were held.Fruitful results are anticipated in the near future.

Ecosystems.” Heui Jae Park, President and National CTO of Office of Strategic R&D Planning at Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, Korea was one of 4 panels invited. (from left, Mr. Avi Hasson, Mr. Mauricio Neves, Ms. Maxine Fassburg, Dr. HeuJae Pahk, Dr. Mark Shemulevich)
The 5th Joint Economic Committee between Korea and Israel (7 April, 2014, Seoul, Korea)
Delegations of Israel and Korea met in Seoul for the 5th Joint Economic
Committee between Korea and Israel, as mandated by the Agreement
between the Government of the Republic of Korea and the Government of
the State of Israel on Economic Cooperation, signed on 28 August, 2000.
The two governments acknowledged KORIL-RDF’s achievements since its
establishment in 2001 and expressed their mutual interests in further
strengtheningindustrial research and development cooperation between
Korea and Israel through KORIL-RDF.
Enlargement of KORIL Joint R&D Fund, from US$3,000,000 to US$4,000,000

Following the revised Bilateral Agreement between both governments, the Joint R&D fund of KORIL has been enlarged and each government now contributes US 2 million dollars annually.

The increase in the fund amount available for joint projects is intended to enable Korean & Israeli companies to engage in more ambitious collaborative R&D .

KORIL-RDF’s 25th Board of Directors’ meeting (16 December, 2013, Seoul, Korea)
Mr. Avi Hasson, the Chairman of KORIL-RDF, the Chief Scientist of Ministry of Economy (MoE) in Israel, and Mr Amit Lang, Director General of the Ministry of Economy in Israel came together to Korea for the 25th Board of Director’s meeting of KORIL-RDF. Mr. Dong Hyung Cha, Director General of Industrial Technology Policy in the Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE) and other Directors in Korea were participated.

The Board of Directors approved 4 full-scale project proposals, in sectors of materials, ICT, and the environment.

The 26th BOD meeting will be held in Korea during July 2014.
KORIL participation in the Water Technology and Environment Control Exhibition & Conference
2013, Tel Aviv, Israel (19-25 October, 2013, Tel Aviv, Israel)
KORIL-RDF organized a Delegation to Israel during the Israeli Water
Technology and Environment Control Exhibition and Conference 2013.
Total 13 representativesfrom companies and public organizations
participated inthe delegation. During this event, The Electronics and
Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea signed an MOU
with The Volcani Center, Israel’s national agriculture research institute,
for further R&D collaboration.
KORIL participation in Korea Energy Week 2013 (16-19 October, 2013, Seoul, Korea)
KORIL-RDF participated in Korea Energy Week 2013 held in Seoul, Korea
from 16 to 19 October, 2013. KORIL operated a booth for Israeli energy
related companies to promote and facilitate collaboration between Korea
and Israel. Israeli companies such as Sol Chip, Cellergy, Pentalum
Technologies, 3G Solar, Burning Solar, SolarOr, PVnanoCell, and ETV
Energy were presented. Additionally, KORIL organized the Korea ?Israel
Energy Tech Seminar to introduce and share knowledge in the field of
Korea Now
Professor Wins Israel Prize For Her Contribution To The Fight Against Alzheimer's
Professor Wins Israel Prize For Her Contribution To The Fight Against Alzheimer's

The Israel Prize is traditionally given in a ceremony that takes place on Israeli Independence Day.
It is largely regarded as the state’s highest honor, and is attended by the President, the Prime Minister,  the Knesset
Speaker and the Supreme Court president.

Professor Emeritus Marta Weinstock-Rosin, a WWII survivor,  was the lead developer for what would eventually become
the Novartis Exelon Patch, the only FDA-approved skin patch for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.She has been
named this year’s Israel Prize winner for Medicine.

Rivastigmine, the generic name for Exelon, is now one of the most commonly-used treatments for Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.The substance prevents the breakdown of acetylcholine by an enzyme called acetylcholinesterase. The
more acetylcholinesterase, the better nerve cells can communicate with each other.

Research performed by Weinstock-Rosin in the 1990's  showed that by preventing the breakdown of acetylcholine, the
progress of Alzheimer’s can be stopped or even halted.

Novatis, which acquired Exelon from the Hebrew University’s technology transfer company, Yissum, generated more
than $1 billion in sales of Exelon in 2012. As there currently is no cure for Alzheimer’s, Exelon is considered one of the
more effective treatments for the disease.

(Source:No Camels – Israeli Innovation News, March 2014)
Looking for partners
Korean company
Since its establishment in 2002, Seoul Viosys has been focusing on UV LED
and Blue Bare Die, and UV application modules and systems. Sales revenue in
2013 was about 248M dollars.

Interested cooperation:

  1. Novel/Advanced LED (visible and UV) epi, fab, package and lens technology
  2. Phosphor materials and technology
  3. GaN-based electronic device technology
  4. UV-light based air/water/surface purification/disinfection technology 
  5. Diagnostic, Therapeutic or Cosmetic device using light (LED)
  6. Optical sensor technology for chemical, biological, physiological or physical detection
  7. 5) Applications of lights on humans, plants, animals, insects, etc
Mr. Seongmin Lee
Tel: +82-70-4391-8499
Email: lys677@socled.com / Web: www.seoulviosys.com
Israeli company
Abracadabra Robotics is an Israeli startup in the field of stroke therapeutic
rehabilitation. It is looking to partner with a Korean company with a deep
knowledge of robotics research and development.
Ms. Natasha Shukin, CEO
Email: natasha@abracadabrarobotics.com / Web: abracadabrarobotics.com/
For inquiries, please contact us:
Tel Aviv office : Ms. Deborah Schabes, Israel Manager
Tel : +972-3-511-8183
E-mail : dvora@matimop.org.il
Main Office (Seoul) : Ms. Lauren Dalryun Yoon,
Senior Industry Analyst
Tel: +82-2-6009-8253
E-mail : dryoon@koril.org
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If you don't want this type of information or e-mail, please click the [unsubscription] Korea-Israel Industrial R&D Foundation Tel.02-6009-8245 Fax.02-6009-8254

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