Call for Proposal

Call for KORIL “Lighthouse Program” Proposals 2024

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Call for Proposal 2024

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy (MOTIE), Israel Innovation Authority (IIA) and Korea Israel Industrial R&D Foundation (KORIL-RDF) invite you to submit joint proposals for in the sector of Smart Mobility & Semiconductor through Lighthouse Program.

This program aims to:Combine competences between industry and academia.
- Achieve a significant breakthrough in Smart Mobility & Semiconductor sector
- Possess complementary skills & R&D demands in the Smart Mobility & Semiconductor sector
Eligible Strategic Sector- Smart Mobility: Autonomous vehicles, Electric vehicles, Aviation, Railroad
- Semiconductor: All sub-sectors except defence
Program Funding Support- Project duration up to 3 years (Max)
- Fund up to USD 5,000,000 per project or 30%~50% of the total qualified proposal cost, whichever is lower.
- Self-Funding Option1)
- Participants receiving KORIL fund are all subjected to royalty payment. Upon submitting Commercialization reports, Korean companies will comply with the MOTIE’s royalty policy and Israel
companies will comply with the IIA’s royalty policy.
Industry-Academia consortiums from the Republic of Korea and the State of Israel.
- The Consortium must involve at least one company and one research institution (university of institute) from each country (nomore than 6 entities in total).
- Please read KORIL handbook for more instructions:
KORILWhat is Lighthouse?
- Academia as a subcontractor in the consortium can receive up to 30% of each side’s budget.
Important Dates
& Deadlines

[1st Step]

- Expression of Interest (EOI) Submission: August 14, 2024(2:00pm IST)
- EOI Results: Mid September, 2024 (Tentative)

※ Note that only the approved EOIs will be eligible for applying for final proposals. 

[2nd Step]

- Final Proposals (FP) Submission: November 21, 2024
- FP Results: February 2025 (Tentative)

- Level of Innovation/Novelty
- Technical/ Financial Capabilities
- Commercialization/Marketing capabilities
- Synergy between entities (Complementarity)
- Potential for Commercialization Success – Letter of Intent (LOI) from its prospective buyer
※ Note that consortiums that submit fully signed LOI will receive five extra points


Proposal Guidelines and forms are available here: KORILGuideline & Forms
All project proposals should be jointly written in English and submitted to both KORILs offices simultaneously, as follow:
1. Israeli companiesshould submit the proposal to the Israel Innovation Authority online system by 14:00 IST2).
2. Korean companies should submit the proposal to the KORIL’s Website (KORILProposal Submission) by 18:00 KST.


Important notes:
1. Israeli companies need to register to the IIA system (companies that applied for the IIA’s support previously, use the same user information) and upload the proposal.
2. Please do not leave your submission to the last minute, KORIL-RDF will only accept proposals that were submitted on time. KORIL-RDF will not accept the proposals submitted after the given deadline.
3. It’s important to make sure that your partner company submitted the proposal according to the guideline above. KORIL-RDF will not be able to accept proposals submitted from only one side.


Please feel free to contact us to discuss your proposal.

KORIL-RDF, Korea Office:
Steve Choi, Principal Industry Analyst
- Tel: +82-2-2166-0821
- E-mail:
KORIL-RDF, Israel Office:
Hadar Zax- KORIL Fund Manager IL site
- Tel: +972-3-511-8143
- E-mail:


1) If a company wishes to join Lighthouse Program without receiving governmental fund, however, its partner company will still receive governmental fund, please contact KORIL Offices for further information

2) For the uploading procedure in the Israel Innovation Authority online system kindly see attachment .