KORIL Approved Projects

  • Infomation&CommunicationMillimeter Wave 5G Remote Unit (mmW5GRU)

  • Infomation&CommunicationInnovative In-Building Emergency Responder Communication System (ERCES)

  • Infomation&CommunicationOSU Based Optical Access System

  • Bio&MedicalEvaluation of Ulva sp.and Gracilaria sp. cultured in land-based system for cosmetic and food ingredients

  • Bio&MedicalHandheld Cardiac Ultrasound Guided by AI for Patient Care Anywhere

  • Bio&MedicalS.O.N.O - Synergistic Oncplytic-NanoHost hybrid platform for the treatment of Oncological diseases

  • Electric&ElectronicsResearch on implementation requirements and market opportunities for a smart and versatile building energy management system which can
    reduce more than 40% of electricity consumption for a small-to-medium buildings automatically

  • Electric&ElectronicsDevelopment of an AI-assisted Spectrometer Device to Check Quality & Ripeness of Avocado

  • Environment3D Reconstruction of Fugitive Gas Plums by Real Time Remote Sensing Imaging

  • ChemistryMutual R&D of super low cost high-quality ultrasound transducer array and huge volume production process for innovative handheld ultrasound