Evaluation & Approval

Evaluation and Approval

Documentary Evaluation

  • According to the following evaluation criteria, experts in corresponding technology fields evaluate submitted proposals.

※ Project Evaluation Criteria

Company Background Company scale, R&D capability, sales, shareholder, support field, product development performance etc.
Innovation Development potential, company & personnel descriptions, project duration etc.
Commercialization Market potential, profitability, domestic and international sales capability etc.
Cooperation & Benefit Needs for collaborative research, indirect and direct benefits, projected benefits for each party, synergy effect etc.
Budget Budget balance between each party etc.

Onsite interview

  • After evaluation by experts, managers and evaluators from KORIL-RDF carry out onsite interview in order to help companies to revise their initial proposals submitted based on the results of evaluation by experts. A final grade will be given after evaluation of revised proposals.

Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors is composed of 8 in total, 4 from each country. Final selection of projects will be made by the Board of Directors.